•To associate persons who are actively engaged in a profession of law enforcement and to legally and effectively represent them as an organized body.

•To raise the standard and improve the dignity and relationship of its members in law enforcement.

•To encourage, promote and advance the professional and educational welfare and relationship of all persons engaged in any type of law enforcement work.

•To encourage the improvement and advancement of the economic and social welfare of the members of the Association.

​​•To employ the collective wisdom of the Association to advance and increase the value of its members’ relationship.

•To represent its members in and for all negotiations involving wages and benefits.
•To achieve these and all other purposes and objectives through legislation, legal, and all other means beneficial to the collective membership of the Association.

​•To advance and protect the civil and criminal rights, in all appropriate situations of the Association members.​
Goals of the Los Alamitos POA
50th Anniversary Badge and Coin

In honor of a half decade of service to the community of Los Alamitos, a special edition Badge and Challenge Coin was designed. Many Los Alamitos Police Officers will be wearing this badge throughout 2012, not only to commemorate the history and tradition of the department, but to honor the strong partnership with the community which has developed since its inception.